Video Editing

As of lately, I’ve had a growing interest in cinematography and video editing. Much like past interests, I feel it will begin to fade after time, but still linger. I would like to stay interested in it though, as I am more attracted to visual activities than active ones. It is why I have always had a love for art, and I am deeply in love with design.

I am still very young, so maybe in the future I will pursue a job in design or cinematography? I think I would make a decent graphic designer, I always put extra effort into homework design and such (maybe even more than the actual homework itself).

///// Does anyone have any editing softwares they recommend? /////



One thought on “Video Editing

  1. I’d recommend Davinci Resolve 14 for editing since they have a decent free version you could start with. I’m using it a lot lately and finding it pretty good for my video editing and color grading. It takes some getting used to, but once you’re there you could go for the Studio version which is one-time licensing unlike the monthly cloud licensing model offered by Adobe Premier Pro CC.


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