Turning a new leaf

As the school year has almost ended, I’ve found myself aching for something to fill the empty hole in my spare time that homework used to fill. For some reason, I decided that making a YouTube channel would be a smart idea.

In all fairness, I hasn’t gone horribly yet. I’m about a month in, I hardly post, and somehow I’ve still managed to attract a very small community. I love it. I have people from many different countries watching my videos, and it is extremely satisfying to read their comments. Even just small ones such as “I love this” or “Great work!” brighten my day massively. My hope is that I can make content that not only reaches their standards, but goes above it.  It may seem impossible now, but I would like to get there one day!

My hope is that one day I can make content that not only reaches my viewers standards, but goes above it!

Anyway, thank you for reading this post. It means a lot to me that you’ve taken just a small moment of your life to read this. As I mentioned,  even small comments can completely turn my day around, so please feel free to add one.



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